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Why centralize knowledge?

Each of us has had this experience: we need a piece of information, and we know we saved the email that contained it, but we can’t find that email. Or we need an SME to answer a question urgently, but we can’t track that person down. In the world of proposal creation and management, we […]

Why Zbizlink is Different

Zbizlink—an enterprise proposal creation and management tool that does everything you want it to do, and so much more! It is a powerful, multitiered application that manages the entire proposal lifecycle from capture to contract. There are many other tools which claims to be dream tool. Here comes how Zbizlink makes a difference? Qvidian Proposal Automation […]

How to crack the Proposal code with Zbizlink

Building a Proposal can be a very problematic venture. It includes many variables that have to align to garner a positive response. Getting everything prepared in time while fulfilling the requirements is an arduous task. It’s easy to be captured by the perils of proposal writing. It is one of the greatest challenges faced by […]