Why centralize knowledge?

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Each of us has had this experience: we need a piece of information, and we know we saved the email that contained it, but we can’t find that email. Or we need an SME to answer a question urgently, but we can’t track that person down.

In the world of proposal creation and management, we are constantly pressed for time…and information. Many times across multiple proposals. Multiple deadlines. Multiple teams. We are always searching for ways to streamline the process, access information more quickly, and automate repetitive tasks.

Our solution? Content management.

By now, you have probably considered a proposal tool, at a minimum. And you may be trying to prioritize your requirements, as you do your research. So, let’s take some time to delve into content management.

Proposal Tool ZbizlinkSimply stated, content management enables you to collect, organize, retrieve, deliver, and manage information. Consider your current proposal workflow. How much time is spent tracking down SMEs or digging for information? How much time would you save if the knowledge you needed was centralized, enabling you and your team to search for and populate information for every proposal?

So, what does content management do, in the context of proposal creation and management?

Think of a SharePoint library, where you’ve stored your contracts, proposal, RFPs, any file or file type. These files are indexed so you can easily search by subject, data type, author, solicitation number, procurement agency or bidder – you name it – even by keyword or phrase. So, instead of manually sorting through a shared folder of prior proposals, or emails that contained specific information, you can have it centrally stored and fully searchable. Handy, right?

Proposal Tool Zbizlink Now, you can give access to your business partners, writers, editors, and SMEs. Each of them has their assignments and they can search for information in the library you’ve created – online or offline, from any device, in any location. By centralizing knowledge, you can provide your team with the shared information they need to accomplish their section, in record time.

As you are thinking of your proposal strategy, consider the benefits of content management to you and your team:

  • Improve collaboration and sharing
  • Centralize knowledge
  • Update content anytime, so the team is always accessing the latest information
  • Respond more quickly to customer requests
  • Accessible from anywhere, at any time
  • Scales for any size business

What value do you see for your team? We’re always excited to hear your thoughts and ideas on our blog topics, so please feel free to comment!

Centralized knowledge is just one key for successful collaboration. Want to learn more? Download our 5 Keys of Collaboration today. It will provide additional “food for thought” as you research which proposal tool best fits your needs.


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