Top Five Reasons To Make Zbizlink Your Business Development Platform!

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How many of us have spent sleepless nights working on a proposal that is due in two days? Had difficulty in corralling the troops to get a task done? Had to spend considerable resources and man hours to build your past performance report? Don’t’ worry you are alone in this predicament. Those are dire situations encountered by government and commercial marketplaces across the country. Zbizlink is a desktop technology for running the businesses of today. Say goodbye to those sleepless nights. Make your water cooler conversations less nerve-wracking. This first-of-class product helps businesses from small to large manage the entire business enterprise. Here are the Top 5 reasons that having Zbizlink can make your life a whole lot easier and efficient.

Top Five Reasons To Make Zbizlink Your Business Development Platform!

1. Build Your Proposal:

The Zbizlink Proposal development process takes the project lead step by step through the proposal development response. This process facilitates proposal teams and partners preparing responses for individual or a set of requirements including using the powerful search engine that searches through Past Performances for those that meet the RFP requirements. The Zbizlink integration with Sharepoint online ensures a secure repository of past performance documents and file management allows the proposal lead to synch the local desktop with the live documents repository. The Zbizlink Proposal Finance process helps the project lead prepare the proposal cost. This process is capable of adopting different financial templates and synchronizing the proposed employees or consultants hourly rates to calculate expected profit and margins from proposal award.

2. Resume Builder:

The Zbizlink Resume Builder is a powerful feature which takes the candidate’s resume file in Word Format, parses the file contents into standard machine-readable contents structure. The parsed information can be successfully shaped into any type of user-managed template. Additionally, the customizable templates can permit the proposal team and candidate to work side-side to comply with client requested simple and complex resume templates. The sharing of the resume template between resource, candidate or proposal team is easily accomplished.

3. Past Performance Builder + Past Performance Validation:

Zbizlink keeps the past performances data up-to-date with continuous integration with Sharepoint Online. The greatest challenge for companies is how to keep up-to-date their past performance data, searching and identifying possible matches from previously submitted proposals and maintenance of proposal response contents. A centralized document repository which manages past performances (resume, proposals, and other reusable content) with the ability to check-in/check-out and publish response contents into well formatted documents remarkably improves the productivity and increases the rate of winning proposals.

4. Document Synchronization:

Zbizlink documents synch allows users to synchronize their documents/proposal from their systems (desktop, smartphone devices) to the Zbizlink online repository. The integrated Sharepoint Online enhances the collaboration, ensure best security and reliability. The contents search runs through matching analysis to rate the finding matches with the searched contents.

5. Business-To-Business:

B2B feature allows users to Match & Filter businesses based upon your needed criteria-skills or products required, project type, location, etc. Instantly, Zbizlink provides recommendations to match your specific criteria-with a global reach. Zbizlink is the tool to advertise and sell your products and services both regionally or globally, and share your capabilities both in/out of network to attract new clientele. Zbizlink’s “Feedback + Ratings” feature improves your marketability with new customers. Ask your customers to leave feedback and comments about their experience with your company. Use your performance ratings and scores for work completed on contracts to sell your next project!

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Top Five Reasons To Make Zbizlink Your Business Development Platform!

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