Why having a SaaS Tool is a game changer for your business. Zbizlink the future of SaaS Technology

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In the age of Cloud Computing many new and innovative technologies have made their advent, trying to take advantage of this phenomenon. Having data stored and accessed on the internet paved the way for a new animal called Software As A Service (SaaS). SaaS Technology is a rapidly accelerating revolution within the IT realm and will become the default method of IT delivery moving into the future. SaaS products designed for end users and delivered over the web has changed the game for many companies trying grow their business or better deliver their service. SaaS discards the need for companies to install and run applications on their own computers or in their own data centers. Therefore, SaaS technology has become commonplace in many offices across the world.

SaaS tools save businesses alot of money due to the reduced costs because the tool resides in a shared or multitenant environment where the hardware and software license costs are low compared with that of traditional models. Customer base of of companies is bolstered because the technology allows small to medium size businesses to use a software they could not otherwise use due to high cost of license. Saas have tremendous scalability and integration. The cloud environment of SaaS enables integration with other SaaS tools. Businesses integrate SaaS tools with other SaaS tools using API (Application Programming Interfaces). SaaS are the epitomize ease of use due to the fact they comprise of best practices and samples that make life easier for the user.

In conclusion, SaaS technologies is the future of doing business. Due to high adoption, painless upgrades, lower initial costs, seamless integration SaaS is here to stay. With each increasing day, more and more SaaS tools are making their presence felt in the market. Looking ahead, the market is young and the future is bright. The need  and demand for service-based software is exemplified by Zbizlink.

A Saas tool that is here to stay and capture the market. Get on board now with a tool that  comprises

Business Enterprise Management – Business proposals technical and financial write-up, partners and teams collaboration during the process of proposal response write-up. Provides powerful proposal partner’s evaluation and rating charts. Business-Oriented Social Platform – A complete social media for businesses focused.
B2B – Businesses to business collaboration, networking, partnerships and equally evaluated teaming.
Employee Intranet – One place to manage employees profiles, marketable resumes, skills and capabilities ready to integrate and sell through proposals.
Proposal Management – A complete solution to evaluate proposal contents(RFP, RFR, RFQ, RFI and so on), prepare proposal responses (technical and financial), proposal teams and partners collaboration. It also provides powerful searching feature against past performances data. What do you have to lose?  Where else can you manage your business in such a complete and organized fashion? Take the Zbizlink challenge now!

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