Why is effective team communication important to the proposal process?

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According to studies conducted by MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, communication is one of the most important factors of any successful team. Effective and clear communication among team members, regardless of what role each person plays, as well as the sharing of information between each other, is vital to your team’s success.

But, does your proposal creation and management process support team communication?

Research has found that three or more people working together on a project are much more effective than a single person spending all of his or her time doing the same thing. However, without communication, the three-plus team members can be as useless as if the project went untouched. This is where a proposal tool is vital to your proposal strategy.

In simplest terms, a proposal tool, such as Zbizlink, is a feature-rich tool for managing the entire proposal process –  from proposal creation to contract. It features a content library for storing approved content sections, an intuitive dashboard and proposal builder, as well as communication tools.

How do these communication tools help your team?

Teams that communicate complete proposals in a quicker and more efficient amount of time than others. And, they are more accurate in their work than others. The ability to instant message or email someone – in real-time or offline, from anywhere, at any time – becomes vital as deadlines draw near.

Business proposal template

Business proposal template

Effective communication also helps team members understand their roles and the roles of everyone else on the team, providing an understanding among the team members for what needs to be done. Setting roles, reminders, and notifications in your proposal tool, for an individual or the group, helps keep everyone aligned with what needs to be done and when. And the ability to associate content with a subject-matter expert, makes it easy to know who to talk to when a team member needs to ask a question or request an update to the information.

Skillful team communication creates awareness and understanding that promotes proficiency as team members complete their tasks. A dashboard that show a team’s status helps monitor the workflow and tasks assigned. And teams that fail to communicate effectively? They wind up wasting time and energy doing work that is not required because of a lack of understanding of what needs to be done.

As Aristotle said, “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” What are some of the benefits of team communication and collaboration?

  • Increases productivity
  • Blends complementary strengths
  • Builds trust
  • Promotes a sense of ownership
  • Fosters creativity and learning
  • Ensures transparency

What value do you see for your team? We’re always excited to hear your thoughts and ideas on our blog topics, so please feel free to comment!

Communication is just one key for successful collaboration. Want to learn more? Download our 5 Keys of Collaboration today. It will provide additional “food for thought” as you research which proposal tool best fits your needs.

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